Mainstream ETCO2 Sensor

Mainstream ETCO2 Sensor


Mainstream CO2 sensors offer non-invasive measurement of ETCO2 with a rapid response CO2 sensor. It uses an infrared sensor to measure carbon dioxide directly at the end of the endotracheal tube.  
  • Patameters: ETCO2, FICO2 and RESP
  • Suitale for intubated patients during surgical process
  • Assisting the doctor in judging when to connect and remove the ventilator
  • Cheking and confirm ET tube placement
  • Alaming when accidental extubating occurs
  • Detecting ventilator airway connection
  • Compatible with Respironics module's communication protocol
  • OEM and ODM service are available 

Technical Specification
  • Transducer Type:                Mainstream CO2 sensor
  • Principle of Operation:         Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) 
  • Initialization Time:              Capnogram displayed in less than 20 seconds
                                                 Reaching full specifications within 2 minutes
  • CO2 Measure Range:         0–150 mmHg/0–19.7 %/0–20 kPa
  • CO2 Accuracy :                 0-40mmHg        ±2 mmHg
                                                41- 70 mmHg     ±5% of reading
                                                71 – 100mmHg   ±8% of reading     
                                                101-150mmHg   ±10% of reading

   Mainsteam ETCO2 sensor is for ideal for intubated patients:

       • Airway confirmation and management
       • Ventilator management
       • Resuscitation
       • Transport