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Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor

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Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor


Sidestream CO2 sensors is an external plug and play sidestream CO2 sensor. It does not occupy any host space and connects to host just with one eight-pin plug. LH800 features cutting-edge technology for measurement of instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2 concentration, inspired CO2 concentration, inspiration time and expiration time. It is generally used in patient monitor and anesthetic machine. With a sampling rate low to 50 mL/min, it is ideal for use on adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of intubated patients.
  • Patameters: ETCO2, FICO2 and RESP
  • Suitale for intubated patients during surgical process
  • Assisting the doctor in judging when to connect and remove the ventilator
  • Cheking and confirm ET tube placement
  • Alaming when accidental extubating occurs
  • Detecting ventilator airway connection
  • Compatible with Respironics module's communication protocol
  • OEM and ODM service are available 

Technical Specification
  • Transducer Type :                 Sidestream CO2 sensor
  • Sample Rate :                       50 mL/min, ±10mL/min.
  • Principle of Operation:         Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts
  • Initialization Time:             Capnogram displayed in less than 5 seconds; Reaching full specifications within 10 minutes.
  • CO2 Measure Range:         
                                                       0 - 114 mmHg
                                                       0 - 15%
                                                       0 - 15.2kPa
  • CO2 Resolution:
                                                     0.1 mm Hg      0 to 50 mm Hg
                                                     0.25 mm Hg     50 to 114 mm Hg
  • CO2 Accuracy:
                                                     0 – 40 mmHg    ±2 mmHg
                                                     40 – 114 mmHg  ±5% of reading
  • Respiratory Rate :
                            Range:              2 to 120 Breaths Per Minute (BPM)

                         Accuracy:             ±1 breath
  • Calibration:                        No routine user calibration required
  • Compensation:             
                                              Automatic Barometer Pressure 400 - 800 mmHg.
                                             User selectable O2 / N2O compensation.

  Sidesteam ETCO2 sensor is  primarily for non-intubated patients and appropriate for intubated patients for short-term monitoring:
      • Airway confirmation and management
      • Resuscitation
      • Transport
      • Procedural sedation
      • Pain management