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Pepsinogen I (PGI), Pepsinogen II (PGII) Joint Test Kit

vascular endothelial growth factor
Pepsinogen I (PGI), Pepsinogen II (PGII) Joint Test Kit
Pepsinogen I (PGI), Pepsinogen II (PGII) Joint Test Kit (Quantum Dot Immunofluorescence Method)

Pepsinogen I (PGI), Pepsinogen II (PGII) Joint Test Kit (Quantum Dot Immunofluorescence Method)

Specimen type: Whole blood/serum/plasma

Usage: This kit is used to detect the content of pepsinogen Ⅰ (PG Ⅰ) and

pepsinogen Ⅱ (PG Ⅱ) in human samples (serum, plasma and whole blood),

and is mainly used to evaluate the function of gastric gland cells And stomach lesions.

Application:Laboratory departments at all levels, physical examination centers,

outpatient clinics, clinical departments, etc.

Clinical significance: It can be used for early screening of gastric cancer; evaluation

of HP treatment effect; dynamic monitoring of personal.

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