What should be paid attention to when using Patient Monitor?

author: Sky Wang
What should be paid attention to when using Patient Monitor?

Q1. Why do you advocate wearing SpO2 Sensor for patients?
Answer: Because wearing the SpO2 Sensor is much faster than connecting the ECG lead wire, the patient's pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation can be monitored in the shortest time, and the medical staff can quickly complete the assessment of the most basic physical signs of the patient.
Q2. Can SpO2 Sensor and NIBP cuff be placed on the same side?
A: Blood pressure measurement will block and affect arterial blood flow, resulting in inaccurate blood oxygen saturation monitored during blood pressure measurement. Therefore, it is not clinically recommended to use SpO2 Sensor and NIBP cuff on the same limb.
Q3. For patients with continuous ECG monitoring, should the electrode pads be replaced?
A: It needs to be replaced, because the electrode pads are pasted on the same part for too long, which will lead to the occurrence of rashes and blisters, so the skin condition should be checked frequently. Avoid causing skin damage to the patient.
After stopping ECG monitoring, remember to remove the electrodes.