What is the PI value of the monitor

author: Ashley Xiao
What is the PI value of the monitor
The ECG monitoring blood perfusion index pi reflects the situation of pulsatile blood flow, which is to reflect the blood perfusion ability. Therefore, measuring the patient's own blood perfusion will affect the PI value, and the sympathetic nerve will affect the heart rate and arterial blood pressure, so the human body's neuromodulation system and mental state will also indirectly affect the PI value. Under normal circumstances, the normal range of ventilation and blood perfusion is 4/5. There is no uniform range of blood perfusion.
What is the normal value of pi in ECG monitoring

1. ECG monitoring perfusion index PI, the normal range is about 4-5, which generally reflects the blood perfusion. If the index is relatively low, it means that there may be hypotensive shock, insufficient blood volume in the body or poor peripheral circulation, etc. factors matter.
2. The general low perfusion index will also be accompanied by palpitation, chest tightness, dizziness, headache, fatigue, limb weakness, sweating and other discomforts. At this time, you should go to the hospital in time to improve the electrocardiogram, cardiac color Doppler ultrasound, blood pressure and blood sugar measurement, etc. Check to rule out the occurrence of hypotension and hypoglycemia.
3. Eat regular diet, avoid picky eaters and partial eclipses, drink a glass of light salt water every day, and ensure eight glasses of water every day. Ensure adequate water circulation and blood volume in the body to avoid dehydration or dehydration.