UTECH Warranty Policy

author: Vivian Deng
Warranty Policy
UTECH Co., Ltd. (“Seller”) warrants each new device to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for a period of one (1) or two(2) years from the date of original purchase. The sole obligation of UTECH medical company under this warranty will be repair or replace, at its option, products that prove to be defective during the warranty period.

One year’s warranty for:
  1. UPM50/UPM60 /UT100/UT100V handheld pulse oximeter.
  2. IO2 fingertip pulse oximeter.
  3. UPM60C/UT100C/UT100VC handheld vital signs monitor.
Two year’s warranty for:
  1. IPM800/VS2000/VS2000V vital signs monitor.
  2. UM2012/PM6000/PM6800/UM2017/PM5000/PM5000V patient monitor.
Warranty Description 

For all warranty, Buyer should contact UTECH with all relevant details such as product part number, manufacturing date code, serial number, complete description of the difficulty encountered, length of time in service, the conditions under which the Goods failed, and original purchase price paid.

Contact information:
E-mail: service@chinautech.com
Tel: +86-23-86082658  Fax: +86-23-86082218

•  This warranty is limited to normal use. It is void if damage has resulted from accident, dismantle, abuse, transport, or service or modification by someone other than the appointed vendor, souse, fission or the spare part has been over the period of warrant. Cost will be charge to user for repairing.
•  User should take the invoice for repairing or warranty service and manual signature or stamp by the vendor.
•  The S/N label can’t be broken; otherwise, the warranty is void.
•  The repaired products would be returned within 1 month after receiving the return materials. Freight charge should be paid by the sender.