Shenzhen presses the "pause button" for 7 days: Shenzhen, come on!

author: News source SZ.DAYS
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"Within a week, Shenzhen's buses and subways will be suspended; all enterprises will work from home; the city's community communities,
urban villages, and industrial parks will implement closed management..."

A sudden announcement of anti-COVID-19 brought Shenzhen into an unprecedented situation in an instant. This is the first time that the
Shenzhen Metro has stopped operating since the opening of the city, and it is also the first time that the city's public transportation and
subways have been suspended at the same time.

Some people say that Shenzhen is "closed city"? No, this is not a city closure. Compared with cities such as Wuhan and Xi'an
not long ago, Shenzhen is not a "closed city" at this level. In principle, in the coming week, Shenzhen people can still go out to
make nucleic acids, buy vegetables and pick up meals, drive and ride bicycles, and deliver take-out couriers. There are even no
restrictions on access to and from the city.

All that Shenzhen has done is to minimize the flow and gathering of people.

From the epidemic to the present, Shenzhen has overcome many waves of intermittent epidemics, including mutant strains such
as Delta. But now, we're dealing with the Omicron mutant BA.2. It is more contagious, spreads faster, spreads more insidiously,
and has atypical symptoms of infection.
Secondly, it is the environment that Shenzhen is currently living in. As we all know, Shenzhen and Hong Kong are only separated
by a river, and Hong Kong has reached the peak of the epidemic. The emergence of tens of thousands of confirmed cases every
day has made Shenzhen the most difficult city to fight the epidemic.

It is hoped that Shenzhen will quickly screen positive infected persons through nucleic acid testing of all employees and take control
measures to prevent the extension of the transmission chain and "stifle the virus in the cradle". At the same time, Shenzhen also
appeals to citizens who have not been vaccinated against the new crown vaccine to be vaccinated as soon as possible; those who
have completed the whole process of two doses of the new crown vaccine can receive the third booster shot.

Hope Shenzhen gets better soon!