Precautions when using the patient monitor

author: Ashley Xiao
Pay attention to correct operation and maintenance in the daily application of patient monitors, which will bring a lot of convenience to medical staff and help improve the quality of medical care.

The following are some precautions in the use of the monitor:

1. Use 75% alcohol to clean the surface of the measurement site, in order to remove the stratum corneum and sweat stains on the human skin and prevent poor contact of the electrode pads.
2. Be sure to connect the ground wire, which will play a very important role in the normal display of the waveform.
3. Choose the appropriate type of blood pressure cuff according to the patient's condition. There are differences between adults, children and neonates. Different specifications of cuffs must be used. Here we only take adults as an example.
4. After the cuff is unfolded, it should be wrapped around 1-2cm on the patient's elbow joint, and the tightness should be able to insert 1-2 fingers. Too loose may lead to high pressure measurement; too tight may lead to low pressure measurement, while making the patient uncomfortable, affecting the patient's arm blood pressure recovery. The catheter of the cuff should be placed at the brachial artery, and the catheter should be in the extension of the middle finger.
5. The arm should be kept flush with the human heart, and the patient should be instructed not to speak or move when the blood pressure cuff is inflated.
6. The pressure measuring arm should not be used to measure the body temperature at the same time, which will affect the accuracy of the body temperature value.
7. There should be no drip or malignant trauma, otherwise it will cause blood backflow or wound bleeding.
8. The patient's nails should not be too long, and should not have any stains, dirt or onychomycosis.
9. The position of the blood oxygen probe should be separated from the blood pressure measuring arm, because blood flow is blocked during blood pressure measurement, and blood oxygen cannot be measured at this time, and the screen displays the words "blood oxygen probe off".

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