Introduction of multi-parameter patient monitors

author: Tyler Wang
Introduction of multi-parameter patient monitors

Multi-parameter monitors are mainly medical instruments used to monitor various vital signs of patients, especially for monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, oxygen saturation, etc. of critically ill patients or patients undergoing surgery. Through the monitoring of these vital signs, we can understand the patient's heart rate change, blood pressure change, respiratory frequency, and blood oxygen saturation and other indicators, so as to provide the basis for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's disease, and according to the specific monitoring data, timely adjust the dose of drugs, And the use of medical treatment equipment such as adjusting ventilator parameters.

In addition, the multi-parameter monitor also has the function of alarm and reminder, as well as data storage and transmission, which enables medical staff to know the changes of the patient's vital signs in time, and provides data support for the analysis of the patient's entire diagnosis and treatment process, especially in severe cases. It plays an important role in patient care activities.