How to use the fingertip oximeter correctly

author: Ashley Xiao
How to use the fingertip oximeter correctly

1. Pinch open the clip of the finger-clip pulse oximeter, insert your finger into the rubber hole (the finger should be fully inserted), then release the clip, and click the switch button on the front panel;

2. During use, the fingers should not shake, and the human body should not be in motion, so as to read accurate data; the interface direction switching defaults to the button mode after booting up, and short press (less than 2 seconds) on the button can achieve four-direction fixed sequence switching ;

3. Automatically shut down after 8 seconds without finger induction.

Low blood oxygen saturation can lead to serious complications throughout the body, such as nervous system hypoxia, which can lead to headaches, dizziness, irritability, mental retardation and even coma; cardiovascular system hypoxia can lead to myocardial ischemia, and in severe cases, cardiac arrest may occur. respiratory failure, heart failure; hypoxia of the respiratory system can lead to respiratory failure, respiratory arrest, etc.

If you find that your blood oxygen saturation is lower than the normal value, then everyone must pay attention and seek medical attention in time. If there are elderly people at home, it is best to prepare your own oxygen generator (sold on Taobao) to prevent problems from Don't put yourself in danger.