How to see energy consumption from breathing?

How to see energy consumption from breathing?

Why do people need to breathe? At that time, in order to maintain life, the body needs to continuously consume energy for the body to use. The process is that the oxygen inhaled through the lungs undergoes oxidation reactions with nutrients in the body to generate energy for the body to use. The waste product produced by this oxidation reaction, carbon dioxide, is exhaled from the body through the lungs. We call this process energy metabolism. The level of energy metabolism changes according to the level of people's activity, even when people are asleep, due to the beating of the heart, the breathing movement of the chest, the adjustment of sleeping posture, the digestion and absorption of the digestive tract, and caused by dreaming. The brain thinking activities, the information collection activities of the five senses and the skin, the movement of the cells of various tissues and organs, etc.this metabolism still continues, but because the energy consumption level is very low at this time, the breathing frequency is very slow at this time. The magnitude is small. That is to say, at this time, the amount of gas exchange through the lungs is minimal. When people wake up, with the continuous increase of physical activities, energy consumption is also increasing, and the frequency and amplitude of breathing are also increasing, that is, gas The number of exchanges is also increasing. What does the phenomenon of rapid and deep breathing indicate? It shows that the level of energy consumption of the body is increasing at this time, and the demand for nutrients is increasing. From this point of view, the changes in the level of energy consumption of the body can be observed through changes in the body's breathing. ​​

After breakfast, people started their own activities. Some were holding meetings, listening to lectures, taking notes, reading, discussing, playing chess, and playing cards. Some were doing housework, shopping, watching children, and crowding buses. Some were exercising and dancing,swimming, carrying heavy objects, etc. Their breathing rates and amplitudes vary. The greater the activity, the more physical effort, and the colder the environment, the faster and deeper the breath. ​​

According to this principle, we should take the daily physical effort (the speed of breathing) as the basis, and eat a moderate amount of food, and we will stay away from the "three highs" and other diseases of wealth.