How to regulate low blood oxygen content

author: Tyler Wang
     How to regulate low blood oxygen content
Low blood oxygen content usually refers to hypoxemia or respiratory failure. The lungs are the organs of human respiration, which can supply oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide. Obstructive pulmonary disease, etc., can cause respiratory failure. Cyanosis occurs in patients after respiratory failure. At this time, finding the cause is the first priority. After the diagnosis and treatment of the cause, the respiratory failure can be corrected. Some chronic diseases cannot be reversed, so respiratory failure varies from condition to condition.

The main treatment before the cause is solved is oxygen therapy. Oxygen therapy includes nasal cannula oxygen inhalation, mask oxygen inhalation, and high-flow oxygen inhalation. Some patients require ventilator to supply oxygen. The purpose is to correct respiratory failure in patients and strengthen oxygen supply. Various organs of the human body need oxygen supply. If respiratory failure or hypoxemia occurs for a long time, the various organs of the patient will experience dysfunction or failure. Therefore, the cause of low blood oxygen content must first be identified, followed by giving the patient oxygen therapy.