author: Zhoupeng
1.Show lead off;
2.Waveform signals are cluttered or have noise;
3.Show Channel saturation;
4.ECG waveform is unstable and unstable heart rate displayed.

Question 1
Analysis:One or more ECG probes have no signal input when show lead off.
①Check if the lead plug is detached from the monitor or the plug is loosen;

②Avoid hair covering the detection location: If there is too much hair at the detection,shave it to expose the skin surface.
③The surface of the skin may be very dry: Before sticking the electrode pads or using the ECG clip, moisten the skin surface with alcohol to make the electrode pad or ECG contact better with the skin and have better conductivity.
④Check whether the lead is damaged: After changing an ECG lead, measure the ECG again.

Question 2
Analysis:A common cause of cluttered waveforms or "noise" is the poor contact of the ECG electrodes pads or ECG clips with the skin.
    Solve:The ECG electrodes pads (for human use) or  ECG clips  (for animal use) should be in good contact with the skin: wipe the skin with alcohol cotton balls to remove grease, and then wipe the metal part of the clip to reduce interference.
Question 3
Analysis:The display channel saturation means that the waveform amplitude is outside  the current display range.
Solve:①Press the rotary Knob, a red box will appear on the display to select a parameter,As shown in figure:

②Turn the rotary Knob left or right and let the red box select the ECG waveform,As shown in figure:

③Press the rotary Knob to confirm, the ECG Setup window will pop up.As shown in figure:

④Turn the rotary Knob key to select "Gain Mode" and confirm. Change the mode to "Auto" or increase the gain and finally "OK".

Question 4
Analysis:The display is unstable, usually caused by shaking.Of course, it does not rule out that the patient does have a heart rate problem.
Solve:①Avoid patient swing.
            ②Avoid shaking of ECG leads and patient contacts
            ③When the ECG waveform and displayed heart rate are unstable, you can change the heart rate source to blood oxygen:
A.Press the rotary Knob, a red box will appear on the display to select a parameter,and turn the knob left or right to select the "heart rate" in the red box.As shown in figure:

B. Press the rotary Knob to confirm, the HR Setup window will pop up.
C. Turn the rotary Knob left or right, select "HR Source" and confirm,As shown in figure:

D. Select "SpO2" and confirm. Heart rate source changed to blood oxygen.