author: Tyler Wang
1.The data shows abnormal

2.Baseline becomes higher
3.Air leak
4.Check adapter
5.Detection and collection
6.Not initialized
7. Data is low or high

Question 1 The data shows abnormal
zeroing co2 1. Press the "Menu key" to pop up the main menu, turn the knob to move the cursor to the "Maintainer" option, select and press the knob to enter the "Maintainer" submenu, and then turn the knob to select "Parameters" in the submenu. "Count", press the knob to enter "End tidal carbon dioxide", and then press the knob to enter the carbon dioxide calibration menu. 2. Rotate the knob to move the cursor to the "Zero" position, and press the knob to enter the zero setting . 3. Rotate the knob to select "OK" or "Cancel", and press the knob to save or delete the setting. NOTE! When setting a zero, please change the barometric pressure, gas temperature and compensation gas type before performing a zero. Note! The zeroing operation needs to be carried out with the prompt not breathing.

The end-tidal CO2 waveform and inhaled CO2 value are obviously abnormal, there are several possibilities:
1.The CO2 module starts to use without preheating;
2. Relapse of CO2 (such as no mechanical ventilation, poor ventilation, failure of soda lime, etc.) Most of the phenomena in the pictures are caused by incorrect use.
1.First of all, the customer should ensure that the breathing circuit is unobstructed. If during anesthesia, the oxygen supply should be sufficient.
2. Stop the use of end-tidal CO2, remove the three-way tube from the air circuit, manually reset it to zero, and then connect it to the air circuit for use.

Question 2.Baseline becomes higher

The baseline 1~2mmHg, which is equivalent to 1-2 pixels, is normal and will not affect the use.

Question3.air leak

1 The waveform is there, the value is there, but the waveform is not standard. Ask the customer whether this video was taken clinically or he did his own blow test?
2 Ask the customer to check whether the pipe is not tightened anywhere, and there is air leakage.
3 If it is for veterinary use, it is related to the ventilator he uses. The best way to judge is to blow a few breaths directly into the adapter to see the response of the waveform (preferably with a video or picture), to rule out whether the drying tube is worn out and leaking air, and then it may be related to the ventilator.

Question 4.Check Airway Adapter
common There are three reasons for detecting the adapter:
1.It needs to be manually reset to zero.
2. The air pump is not working.
3. The light source is damaged.
Solution: The first step is to get close to the CO2 module and listen to the sound of inhalation when the air pump is working normally;
The second step, if the air pump is working normally, shut down and restart, and manually reset to zero after preheating (menu->maintenance->parameter->CO2->zero);
The third step, after the manual reset to zero, it still displays the detection adapter, please replace an air adapter, then shut down and restart;
The fourth step, after the first three steps are not resolved, the CO2 module light source is damaged, and the CO2 module needs to be repaired or replaced. (Pay special attention that the sampling tube cannot be blocked by condensed water droplets) possible Cause of the problem: It may be that the adapter is not inserted properly

Solution: Remove the module from the monitor, re-plug the adapter, turn off the monitor, connect the CO2 module, and restart the monitor. Do not use the CO2 module at this time, and observe the waveform display. If the display is normal, it can be used after clearing.

Question5. Check Sampling Line

It shows that there are 3 possibilities for detecting the collection tube: 1. It needs to be reset to zero manually; 2. The air pump is not working properly; 3. The light source is damaged 4. Consumables problem: Have the consumables been pulled out to check whether water has entered; unplug the consumables to see if there is water in the lens; we recommend that the adapter only be used for a maximum of 3 months.

Question 6  not initialized

Reason: Connect the ETCO2 to the device after powering on, resulting in abnormal communication between the device and the module. Solution: The problem can be solved after shutdown and restart.

Question 7: The data is too low or too high

1.In the ETCO2 part, if you feel that the test result is too high or too low, first take off the sampling tube and measure whether the end-expiratory value of a normal person's breathing is between 32-42. If it is in this range, it may be the animal's physiology. The problem or the anesthesia concentration is too deep. 2. If the measurement of a normal person exceeds the above range of 32-42, then first unplug the side flow adapter to check whether there is water in it that affects the measurement, and then check whether there is any air leakage in the ETCO2 sampling pipe. The measurement result is low, mainly because of the place where the drying tube is connected (if the drying tube leaks, remove the drying tube and blow it by a normal person to see if the result returns to normal). 3. Make sure that there is no problem with the above, then plug in the side flow adapter, and perform the following ETCO2 reset operation, and it will basically return to normal. At this time, measure the breathing of a normal person and check whether the result is in the range of 32-42.