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Quality Control

From R&D, procurement, manufacturing, packaging and shipping, we follow YY/T 0287 and ISO 13485 "Medical Device Quality Management System" to establish strict quality standards, and carry out effective implementation and supervision. We promote "quality is developed" and "consistency of quality" is the value of manufacturing.

The advanced manufacturing management ERP system (2BizBox) and the implementation of total quality management make the company's excellent quality continue, and can accurately identify and match the needs of different customer ordersThe company's manufacturing system has a group of precision-manufactured employees, more than 90% of whom have superb professional skills. The company regularly performs training and assessments as planned to maintain an excellent professional level in the industry.

In 2009, we obtained the ISO 13485 quality system certification from the German authoritative organization NB CE 0482. The quality awareness of all employees throughout the whole process of R&D, manufacturing and service has always been the foundation of our survival. Today, we have EU CE certification, domestic registration and other authoritative certifications The product series brings world-class quality experience to customers simultaneously.

We have always adhered to the work attitude of striving for excellence and pursuing excellent quality, and conscientiously do a good job in each product. High quality requirements for products are our company's code of conduct. It is also our commitment to our customers.The purchase of materials is the basis for the quality assurance of all products. The purchased materials are screened layer by layer and strictly checked to ensure that the quality of the purchased materials is excellent. Our partners are all high-quality enterprises that have passed our strict research.Every product we produce will be strictly checked for quality by our excellent quality inspectors. We ensure that each product is delivered to each customer with the highest quality performance and the best condition.

We have established a 360° comprehensive quality management system that runs through R&D, procurement, manufacturing, and service to ensure product quality throughout the entire process. Under the concept of "quality is developed by research and development", UTECH strictly follows the perfect quality management system in design and development, test review, prototype trial production and other links, so that every step of the production process has strict control standards and traceable management .We have international advanced R&D testing platforms such as reliability testing laboratories and standardization laboratories, and have passed a full range of rigorous tests such as high/low temperature, drop, rain, vibration, surge, and shock to ensure clinical trials in different environments. Reliable and safe to use.

 Management of Quality