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Through the detection of multi-parameter monitors, timely understand the changes of patients.
The capnogram, or waveform generated by the ETCO2 monitor is one of the most useful tools available to assess a patient’s ventilation and airway status, and can provide information on metabolism and perfusion.
What should be paid attention to in non-invasive blood pressure monitoring?
Various organs of the human body need oxygen supply. If there is respiratory failure or hypoxemia for a long time, people need to adjust when the blood oxygen content is low.
Small animals, like people, often get sick, and many times the shit shoveling officer is worried that his cute pet is sick but doesn\'t know it. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the state of small animals in our daily process.
Pulse oximetry is a very useful diagnostic and monitoring tool that has become commonplace in veterinary clinics. It measures the percentage of haemoglobin saturated with oxygen, and is an indirect measure of arterial oxygen levels.
What are the dangers of low oxygen saturation?
The ECG monitoring blood perfusion index pi reflects the situation of pulsatile blood flow, which is to reflect the blood perfusion ability. Therefore, measuring the patient\'s own blood perfusion will affect the PI value, and the sympathetic nerve will affect the heart rate and arterial blood pressure, so the human body\'s neuromodulation system and mental state will also indirectly affect the PI value. Under normal circumstances, the normal range of ventilation and blood perfusion is 4/5.
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